Camping Poseidon

Come for a unique holiday experience

The Camping Poseidon offers you all those little pleasures that make your holiday memorable.

We created an ideal environment for a delightful summer experience.

A dream holiday destination for relaxation and fun.

We provide all the modern services and amenities.

Just an hour from Athens and two minutes from the beach! So close to your holiday!

 Camping Poseidon provides all the modern services and amenities.

 Our campsite is a family destination to relax and have fun as there is peace and quiet, security, proper spaces and above all, a unique family atmosphere.

 Our campsite is not only an ideal destination for short city breaks, but for a long period of vacations as well.

Contact us

+30 22960 51 492

Where we are

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Camping Poseidon

 Orestis Georgarakos
     Alepochori, P.C. 1910

+30 2296051492

phone1 +30 6985063641

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